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MWBE Report

25/5: A Procurement Boost or Bust for Chicago’s Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises?

Emilie McKendall, Sylvia Snowden, Al Demming, Robbie Smith

25/5CHICAGO, IL November 30, 2011Emilie & Friends, an independent radio and television talk show, released today a report on a six-month research project to determine whether the City of Chicago’s Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) program is working for those it was intended to help. The show’s host, Emilie McKendall, and her production team had previously delved heavily into the question: “Why are Blacks at the Bottom of the City’s contracts?” For several weeks back in January, callers to this popular Saturday afternoon show and ,many of them from the construction industry, complained of seeing other ethnic groups working on projects in almost every Black neighborhood in the City. People were angry with almost every elected official but especially Aldermen – they were not standing up for their constituents.

Contracts, jobs, and TIFs were the hot topics every week when Emilie & Friends learned about the Community News Matter Local Reporting Awards funded by The Chicago Community Trust. In applying for that award and being one of the winners, Emilie & Friends was able to look at over 90,000 contracts online at the City of Chicago’s data portal dating back to 1993, thanks to the transparency put in place after Mayor Rahm Emanuel took office.

The report “25/5: A Procurement Boost or Bust for Chicago’s MWBEs?” is a 54-page free document available for download above and at starting Saturday, December 3, 2011. It includes a history of vigorous efforts by many organizations to assist minorities and women in business. The report speaks to how Mayor Harold Washington’s Executive Order 85-2, establishing the MWBE program, may be his most enduring legacy to the City of Chicago. A mix of 13 business leaders, activists, and business owners share their views on doing business during the reign of both Mayors Washington and Daley. The report found that there are almost as many certified MWBEs who live outside of Chicago as there are those who live in the City. Overall, the report is a good read and a great reference document.

MWBE Report

Comments to Emilie & Friends Regarding Our Local Reporting Award From the Chicago Community Trust

On this award for your outstanding achievement in coverage of issues and problems covering those communities that need it most. Your coverage says, "someone cares about you, you are not alone" Your coverage encourages residents to speak up and speak out for themselves, about issues that matter most to them and their families. Your coverage of these communities allows the Legislators, both local and Federal, making decisions about the lives of their constituents, to be brought front and center. This kind of bold coverage is truly needed, more and more and I look forward to more of the same with major additions, as the need arises. They are always possible!!

Merri Dee
MD Communications
AARP Illinois State President

Congratulations yet again, Emilie & Friends! This is so great! - What a significant contribution you are making in the Media, providing so much helpful, and valuable information to your listeners - Keep up the great work!

Congratulations on your Community Trust Award! Good luck in the future!
Northica Stone

Move forward lady, I am so proud of what GOD is doing thru you. I love you much. Your gospelsister.

Mazel tov ! Congrats

Congrats --and well deserved!
You're such a hard worker and inspired interviewer. I love your show.

Congratulations on the award, You guys are doing a wonderful job keeping us informed or even better- making us think.

Applause! Applause to Emilie and Robin! And to your youth reporter! I've watched your good work and agree with the Chicago Community Trust.
Sandi Lynn, CMP

Congrats. Emilie..."Go On With Yo Bad Self". (smiles)
Marv Dyson

Good morning Ms Emilie! Sincere good wishes and congratulations on your Community Trust Award. Young lady you are kicking butt and taking names! I am truly happy for you and it is a true testament of what a little sweat, diligence, preparation, talent and good ole common sense can bring you. "A man's (woman's) gift maketh room for him (her), and bringeth him (her) before great men." - Proverbs 18:16. God's love and mine.
Sybil Proctor, Partnership Development Manager - Illinois


Hi Emilie … I feel I let you down on this one. I am not comfortable with dwelling too much on the past and blaming others for our state … I feel that we as black people have to step up to the plate or at least try to do so … I believe nothing is to be accomplished by allowing others to make us feel inferior … particularly allowing white folks to do so. Moving forward and education and not settling for the status quo is what I have experienced to work best. You looked lovely … and did a great job on the show today. Congrats.


Dori Wilson Public Relations

Dear Emilie,

Bravo…Cheers…Kudos…and Congratulations on your “maiden voyage” into TV/Radio. Just like you, it was great! Many thanks for the TLC to Tom, to me and most importantly, to the critical subject matter. Looking forward to your continued success and our growing friendship.